Henrik Becker

Software Engineer

.Net Development

I’ve been living and breathing .Net since its launch and am an expert in web development on the Asp.Net platform.

C# is my language of choice but I’m also well versed in VB.Net.

Test Driven, Agile

Do your tests fail intermittently? Is it hard to tell why a test fails? Would you like your tests to be more like documentation?

I have extensive experience of TDD, BDD and Specification by Example. I can help you make your tests more readable, make them fail better or even rewrite them as executable specifications.

I’m agile for real.

Automated Deployment

Is your deployment process slow? Error prone? Undocumented? Person dependent? Plain scary?

I can help you save time and money, avoid headache and possibly even make you sleep better by automating your deployment process. I have several years of experience doing just that using Octopus Deploy.


What do people have to say about me?

Henrik was very humble on the interview, but he turned out to be a fantastic developer, among the best performing consultants I have encountered. Contributed a lot of great ideas and knowledge to the team.

Niklas Hallenfur - Expicon AB

Henrik is, without a doubt, one of the best developers I have worked with during my years in the IT and Internet business. He is fast, he understands customer needs and he contribute with great ideas when he think that systems or applications can be created in a better way than originally requested. Henrik is a loyal and easy going person who I enjoyed working with a lot and who I recommend any company to hire!

Jannice Dybedahl - Hewlett Packard Sweden AB