Automated Deployment

I can help you save time and money, avoid headache and possibly even make you sleep better by automating your deployment process. I have several years of experience doing just that using Octopus Deploy.

An automated deployment process has a number of benefits:

Case Studies

Norconsult Astando AB

Isy Road had an all manual deployment process. The deployment documentation was spread over several documents and was not up to date. I helped the client setup automated deployment for Isy Road as a pilot project. Octopus Deploy was used and benefits included:

The success of the pilot project lead to setting up automated deploy for their products Isy Map and Isy Case as well.


Plejmo had an all manual deployment process that was not very difficult but stole a lot of time from the small development team - time that should be used to develop the product. Using Octopus Deploy we were able to:

The deployment process became so quick and painless that we could (and sometimes did) deploy several times a day - event during peak hours.